Opportunity of a Lifetime

“Through Lea’s guidance I was able to remember times that touched into my true feelings and desires and brought forth the bigger picture of what I was to do with my life. I feel so blessed to call on Lea as a spiritual guide and career counselor. I know that she will help anyone understand their passion, purpose and fulfill their deepest desires in moving forward in their life. Say YES and allow yourself an opportunity of a lifetime!!”

-Julie H., Broomfield, Colorado

Wealth of Resources + Masterful Intuitive Work

“I found Lea to be engaging and passionate about her work. She is quite attentive to one’s individual needs and has a wealth of practical resources and information to share. She combines this resource knowledge with her masterful spiritual and intuitive work to provide the individual with a comprehensive overview of who they are and the potential of what is possible in their lives. Lea’s perspective on finding fulfilling work is refreshing and encouraging. I am grateful for her contributions in my life.”

-Debbie B., Lafayette, Colorado

Creating a Meaningful and Heartfelt Career

“Lea is dedicated to helping her clients discover their passion and purpose and skillfully guides them in creating a career that is meaningful and heartfelt. She is especially good at utilizing visualization, and challenging limiting beliefs that block one’s full potential.”

-Linda F. Boulder, Colorado

Alignment & Career Fulfillment

“Lea gave me a chance on my own divinely inspired career, website design. While I’d been designing my own business websites for years, she was the very first client to commission the design of a full website from me. In working with Lea, I naturally defined who my ideal client is, what my goals and dreams are for my business, how I want to structure client agreements, what to charge for my services, and more.

Lea is great to work with! I really enjoy her sense of humor, compassion, open communication, and spirit of abundance. Since the start of our business relationship, I have gained confidence, increased my abilities, built a portfolio & netted a number of new clients. I struggled for years to find something that I loved doing and could really support myself with, and now I feel like I’m on a roll. I love my new divinely inspired career! Thanks, Lea.”

-Claire Amber, Boulder, Colorado