About Lea

Background and Education

Hi, my name is Lea Alvarado. I have more than 15 years career development experience as a career counselor, executive recruiter and staffing manager. As a career counselor, I have worked in the corporate arena, as well as the non-profit sector and higher education.

I’m a trained life purpose coach, have a master’s in career counseling, and I’m a licensed spiritual counselor. I’ve supported hundreds of adults in career transition, providing them with the tools and the guidance they need to move forward positively on their career path.

My Story

The Importance of Passion

My father was a bartender and my mother was a cocktail waitress, both with only a high school education. Once I became an adult I discovered their true passions and I always wondered what stopped them from pursuing them. I made a decision very early on that I wouldn’t settle; that I would pursue a career that I was passionate about, as I didn’t want to experience the regrets that I knew my parents had.

Determined to Make a Difference

Once I got to college, I discovered my desire to make a difference. I tried many things, from a helpline counselor, to a mental health worker, to a caseworkeSpiritual Career Counselorr for developmentally disabled adults, to an occupational therapy aid, to a staffing manager and executive recruiter – from grass roots non-profits to large corporations. I picked apart each job. All along the way, I kept track in my head of what I liked and didn’t like. I paid attention to the themes that emerged in terms of the times I felt the most alive and excited about what I was doing, as well as the times I didn’t.

Finding My True Path

One day, I came across an article which highlighted a career counselor’s philosophy and methods. They spoke of helping people discover their strengths and providing them with guidance in pursuing their passions. As I read the article I knew I had found a career path that aligned with who I was and the kind of difference I wanted to make. Shortly after that discovery, I enrolled in a master’s program in career counseling and began my journey of helping others recognize their gifts and inspiring them to pursue their passions and dreams.

A Divine Journey

It wasn’t too long after I began working as a career counselor that I experienced a deep longing within me that something was missing in my work but I wasn’t able to articulate what it was. This desire took me on an amazing spiritual journey that introduced me to the beautiful practices and philosophies contained within various faith traditions including, Buddhism, Native American philosophy, Celtic Shamanism, and New Thought…to name a few.  I had many Spiritual Career Counselortransformational experiences, including one where I developed an illness as a result of job stress.  This experience forced me to apply the spiritual and metaphysical tools I had been learning about and taught me the value of going within for answers. I then began to incorporate some of the tools and practices into my work as a career counselor and found it enormously gratifying and beneficial both for myself and my clients.

Soul Searching + Career Development

My work involves bringing my two passions together – career development and spirituality. My vision is to bring the beauty and the power of the divine to the conversation and teach people how to connect to the wisdom that lives at the core of who they are. My commitment is to provide individuals with the guidance and support they need to freely pursue their passions, purpose, and dreams.

To learn more about how I approach my work as a spiritual career counselor, go to my philosophy and services page. I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

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